Savor is an application that is meant to guide users in their meal plan development by taking into account elements like family size, budget and dietary preferences. The application will allow users to pick the meals that they intend to make over a certain amount of time, and it will show users the exact portions and ingredients that will be required, in addition to cost. This will allow users to make informed decisions about their meals. The students have been working to put together the initial web application by leveraging modern technologies such as React and Firebase.


Savor is an application that maximizes each ingredient purchased by the consumer by using increments of each item purchased in multiple recipes. ​​​​​​​

Savor Breakdown/COVID-19 Impact

Savor Breakdown:

         Maximizes use of each ingredient purchased

         Schedules meals based on customers budget

         Everything used after weekly meal plan

         User can select their own preferences

         Charting of how each ingredient is being used

COVID-19 Impacts:

         US unemployment has reached 26.4 Million

         American Income levels will reduce

         People will become more home bodies

         American budgets for food consumption will rise

Product Design, User Interface
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