Suffolk Country District Attorney's Office


The Suffolk County DA’s office has many processes in which data has to be shared in between different entities. Presently, many of these processes are manual, where documents are created by hand and need to be physically shared between the involved entities. The goal of this project is to create an iOS app that can digitize this process. Developing an iOS app, creating an infrastructure that allows for login and allows the user to capture images of their documents that can be sent to an endpoint for OCR processing. Essentially, the process extracts the data it sees in images and formats it to a machine readable format.


The goal is to alleviate and automate some of the processes that take place in terms of information that is transferred from the different entities involved in the legal process.

To create ​​​​​​​an iOS app for the lawyers, so that they can quickly scan physical documents and have them digitized and uploaded to a database where the data is easily searchable and secure. ​​​​​​​

This project has the potential to serve as a proof of concept for the Suffolk County DA's Office so that they can develop a more streamlined process that can be shared with DA offices around the country.

Product Design, User Interface
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